• Moved this to my reseller account on BuyShared

    Might as well, the other two WordPress sites are on ExtraVM. If BuyShared goes down, this will go down though, the reason I made the status page or site. I wonder what two A records does, does that load the second one if the first is down? Could have kept the files and database on […]

  • Mayo Host not recommended

    If you want a real cron job, you’ll have a bad time. Not worth emailing them. As it could be intentional. They do have an anti virus program that won’t allow you to run some stuff. You could probably run the same script on BuyShared. And I wouldn’t use it if you need SFTP, they […]

  • No need to pay for Uptime Robot

    Use the Uptime Robot plugin for WordPress, and get $6 a year shared hosting. Might be a one man operation, but who cares. The only downside is, there might be no backups, so I should make one backup, I can update it if I need to restore it. PHP Server Monitor is detected as a […]